Authors instructions
Interested researchers who want to publish their research findings in the journal should comply with the following instructions:

1. Papers should fit within the scope of the journal.
2. The format of the papers is A4 (297 mm x 210 mm)
3. The papers should be written in English. The authors are responsible for the quality of the English language of the submitted paper. Low quality could be a reason for not being published.
4. The paper should be submitted and uploaded through the online review system.
5. The paper should include:
    a) Title;
    b) An abstract;
    c) Key Words;
    d) Introduction;
    e) System Model;
    f) Numerical or Physical Results
    g) Conclusions;
    h) References
    i) Appendix
    j) Figures
    k) Tables
    l) bibliography should be given at the end of the paper.
6. Abstracts should be brief (not exceed 250 words); it should include the purpose of the research, the principal results and major conclusion.
7. The length of a paper should not exceed 10 pages A4 size, 12 pt Times New Roman single space, including drawings, pictures and graphs
8. The author's name should appear under the title while details of position, organization in which they are employed and the name of the city and country should appear as footnote.
9. Internationally accepted symbols should be used. As unit of measurement, the SI-System or a subsystem of this is preferred.
10. Photographs and drawings should be in the form of good-sized enlargement and in high resolution.
11. Acceptance: Papers will be accepted after a detailed review from the journal scientific committee.
12. For any problems in registration or in using the system you can contact us by e-mail

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